At Manifest Designz, our mission is to empower and elevate individuals to turn their dreams into reality. We believe in the power of affirmation, motivation, and spiritual alignment to guide individuals towards fulfilling their potential.

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Manifest Designz is a spiritual-based company ​dedicated to empowering individuals to turn their ​dreams into reality. Our mission is to elevate and ​empower individuals by providing a range of ​services that foster personal growth, mental well-​being, and professional development. We believe in ​the 3P’s of life; Passion, Purpose, Profits. we know ​the power of finding your purpose through your ​passions, know this will make you a profitable ​prophet. Through the use of positive affirmations, ​motivation, and spiritual alignment we help ​individuals manifest their goals. With over 15 years of ​experience in marketing and community outreach, ​our team is well-equipped to make a positive ​impact on the lives of our clients.

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Jasmine Lewis

Founder & Creative Director




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Jasmine Lewis

I Am

I'm Jasmine Lewis aka Yogi Jazzy and I lost 100lbs through the exploration of yoga. I started this journey to practice mental health and before I knew it I was accomplishing more than I could ever imagine. My goal is to inspire others to practice self-love and to find their purpose in life through their passions. I manifested and brought to life a transformative 111-day social media yoga challenge, channeling energy towards mental health, physical vitality, nourishing habits, and self-love. During this challenge, I shined a spotlight on local businesses in Palm Beach County. With over a decade of experience in marketing and design, I've cultivated an “Elevation Nation”. I take a creative approach that transforms brands and elevates marketing strategies, making me your go-to , for brand evolution.


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Working Experience

2020- 2024

marketing & community director at hubbard radio - x102.3

Spearheaded advertising strategies, marketing campaigns, and customer-centric initiatives. Engaged in sales, public relations, and social media management.


ceo & creative director at manifest designz

2023- current

2024- current

marketing chair- young professionals of the black chamber of pBC

public relations chair- urban league young professionals of PBC

Established and led a premier marketing design agency specializing in web and graphic design. Focused on delivering exceptional designs and marketing solutions.

Drive impactful marketing strategies, leveraging social media to connect young professionals with valuable networking, development, and community engagement opportunities. Together we are shaping our region's future leaders.

Harness the power of social media to connect young professionals with networking, development, and community engagement opportunities. Together, we shape future leaders.

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Visual Affirmation Resumes

  • Pitch deck design

marketing consulting


social media marketing

social media influencing

printing & shipping

inspiration stations

inspiration apparel

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elevation nation

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join the elevation nation and let’s MANIFEST your dreams into reality!

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